Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Avocado Trees: From Guacamole to Tree

I planted the seeds from my guacamole about 3 years ago. I soaked the seed and it started to sprout and looked like this:

And then she grew to look like this:

And now that bad boy (yes I know I'm switching genders---it's a plant and I haven't named it yet) looks like this:

I'm purposefully stunting it's growth by keeping it in that container. Since we don't own a house yet, I can't really plant in the ground, and I want to keep the avocado tree transportable easily for our next move. We haven't seen any avocados from the tree yet which isn't uncommon since it takes avocado trees about 5 to 13 years before they really start to bear fruit. Hopefully we will have a house by then! Until that happens, I will be buying avocados from the market. Can't wait to post photos of my 2 to 11 years....


  1. I'm so excited to see your avocado tree growing so beautifully! I just started growing a pit, it's been roughly 2-3 weeks and the pit has split and I can see a root system taking hold inside! I can't wait to see how it grows! His name is Avocadus Maximus Roland III. It's amazing what names people come up with when you ask your Facebook friends! LOL Some of the suggestions were (in case you're still looking): Paltita (small Avocado in Bolivian Spanish); Goober; Ahuacate (original Native-American word - please do not ask me how to pronounce that LOL) ; and we even got a Norman in there! Quite the mix! ;) Great post and good luck!

  2. Love the names! I'll post some more recent photos of our trees. They grow beautifully. We moved (again) and my husband transported the avocado trees but putting the tops of the trees out the car window and then DROVE ON THE FREEWAY...needless to say the had no leaves when they arrived but are very resilient plants!

    Since I planted these two a few years ago I haven't had any success with new avocado starters. But then again our yard is not big enough for an avocado grove... Did you start the seed in water?

    Thanks for reading! Can't wait to hear more about your plants and HAPPY FRIDAY!