Monday, January 9, 2012

All You Need is....Sod!

We have recently moved and I'm trying to make my garden grow and my apartment feel like a home. I'm in the process of planting seeds and constructing raised beds. I have also wanted to add sod to the yard. How much sod you ask? 16 square feet! I KNOW! It's the biggest lawn you've ever heard of!

Here is what the "yard" looked like before:

I KNOW! So much space! And that beautiful air conditioner! Look at those avocado trees! And those amazingly lined bricks! As you can see, that corner needs a little help. It's too shady to plant a garden so I thought grass would be perfect. We need grass because someone in our house likes to get sick and eat grass and vomit (Ralph the beagle). And I thought it would be convenient if this happened in the middle of the night I could just sit outside with him instead of having to go to the real outdoors and put pants on. So much effort.

So I went to Home Depot. And a little tip. If you're going to put in sod, bring a dolly, gloves, and plastic to line your car. Sod is so heavy and disgusting. I was covered in mud and so was my car. Sod is basically just a roll of WET dirt with some grass stuck to it. Here was my haul:

Those brown poo logs are the sod. I brought those bad boys home after quite a haul up the stairs (thank you husband), and a lot of grunting and groaning. I dug up the weird molding tanbark that was in the area and rolled the sod out. Here are the after photos:

Wouldn't you think 16 square feet would look more impressive? Here is Ralph checking out his new digs:
I'm trying to enjoy this new temporary home as much as I can. I know Ralph hasn't been totally sold on the change, but I'm hoping this is a good, grassy step toward loving it here. Happy New Year and happy planting!

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