Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Save your rain water and make some grocery bags!

We have a tiny deck but we still get a lot of rain on it. I'm slowly stock piling rain water for the summer to make a small dent in alleviating the drought in CA. I gather the water in empty flower pots and then scoop the water out into a funnel I make with tin foil and into an old water bottle. I use water bottles because they have lids and there won't be a mosquito issue that way. I store the bottles under my deck furniture. It's an easy step for helping the environment!
Yes that's some brown water! But it's just watering your plants...you're not drinking it!

I also made my own grocery bag the other day. I find that the ones at the store aren't high enough, or can't hold enough stuff so I end up having to bring 5 or more bags to the store. I made a HUGE bag that can fit almost everything from one grocery trip. I used upholstery fabric I found on sale for $2 a yard and can make about 3 bags with. I reinforced the straps and sides with multiple levels of triple stitching to prevent the bag from splitting. With the leftover scraps, I made some I-Pod cases! Here's my bag! It would be a nice present for someone's bday if you made a little collection of bags!

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