Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photos from the SF Legion of Honor

On a foggy day in February, my boyfriend's mom and I went to swoon and drool over the Cartier exhibit and imagine ourselves dripping with diamonds. That day happened to be very foggy and I captured a few photos before we met up. Enjoy!
Burned at the stake....pretty dramatic way to go out....I think I'm going to put that in my will...

Joan's horse is going to trample me....ahhhhh!
Strong, gorgeous, powerful....facing whatever the fog has to offer.
The moss aging the straps of the angel's frock...I like it...Tim Gunn would say "make it work!"
The foggy trees through the foggy grounds...looks like a black and white but its actually color!
I'm obsessed with the interior ceiling of arch this to the SF War Memorial Opera lobby pics I took last month....
The grounds...I walked in lots of mud in sandals to get this photo....

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