Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to Make a Fake Headboard

So I've always liked the idea of headboards or some huge piece of art behind the bed where I sleep. Unfortunately I can't afford a real bed with a headboard, and am totally paranoid that during an earthquake, a painting would fall and kill me while I slept. So this is my middle ground: making my own fabric colored wall panels with foam board.
Find some fabric that you love. I used two different kinds that go with all of our linens which are white, brown, and blue...the perfect colors to hide dog hair. Pick any size foam board you want. Cut your fabric to fit with about and extra two inches to secure with a glue gun on the other side. Stick want mounting (about a pack of 20) on each panel and press against the wall. What's great is that you can make as many panels as you want in any shapes you want. Also, if you get tired of your color scheme you can move the panels to another room, or just recover what you already have.
(Above: Ralph pensively looking out the window as he settles down in HIS unmade bed....he just LETS his humans sleep there.)

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