Monday, February 22, 2010

Marin and San Francisco Photos

Yes I've been obsessed lately with taking photos. Here are some I took today, around the neighborhood and at the Headlands.

The Best This American Life Episode Ever

So I just finished listening to the rebroadcast of The House on Loon Lake from This American Life. Not only is it a compelling story, but really makes you think about the importance of estate planning and reasons to avoid Probate...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photos from the SF Legion of Honor

On a foggy day in February, my boyfriend's mom and I went to swoon and drool over the Cartier exhibit and imagine ourselves dripping with diamonds. That day happened to be very foggy and I captured a few photos before we met up. Enjoy!
Burned at the stake....pretty dramatic way to go out....I think I'm going to put that in my will...

Joan's horse is going to trample me....ahhhhh!
Strong, gorgeous, powerful....facing whatever the fog has to offer.
The moss aging the straps of the angel's frock...I like it...Tim Gunn would say "make it work!"
The foggy trees through the foggy grounds...looks like a black and white but its actually color!
I'm obsessed with the interior ceiling of arch this to the SF War Memorial Opera lobby pics I took last month....
The grounds...I walked in lots of mud in sandals to get this photo....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crazy Rain Photos!

I was screwing around with my camera tonight and came upon and amazing setting that lets you do that skewed lighting trick in the rain. This is what the deck normally looks like at night--yes those are watering can lights and yes it is raining!
Here's what I came up with--try it!:

How to Make a Fake Headboard

So I've always liked the idea of headboards or some huge piece of art behind the bed where I sleep. Unfortunately I can't afford a real bed with a headboard, and am totally paranoid that during an earthquake, a painting would fall and kill me while I slept. So this is my middle ground: making my own fabric colored wall panels with foam board.
Find some fabric that you love. I used two different kinds that go with all of our linens which are white, brown, and blue...the perfect colors to hide dog hair. Pick any size foam board you want. Cut your fabric to fit with about and extra two inches to secure with a glue gun on the other side. Stick want mounting (about a pack of 20) on each panel and press against the wall. What's great is that you can make as many panels as you want in any shapes you want. Also, if you get tired of your color scheme you can move the panels to another room, or just recover what you already have.
(Above: Ralph pensively looking out the window as he settles down in HIS unmade bed....he just LETS his humans sleep there.)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Save your rain water and make some grocery bags!

We have a tiny deck but we still get a lot of rain on it. I'm slowly stock piling rain water for the summer to make a small dent in alleviating the drought in CA. I gather the water in empty flower pots and then scoop the water out into a funnel I make with tin foil and into an old water bottle. I use water bottles because they have lids and there won't be a mosquito issue that way. I store the bottles under my deck furniture. It's an easy step for helping the environment!
Yes that's some brown water! But it's just watering your're not drinking it!

I also made my own grocery bag the other day. I find that the ones at the store aren't high enough, or can't hold enough stuff so I end up having to bring 5 or more bags to the store. I made a HUGE bag that can fit almost everything from one grocery trip. I used upholstery fabric I found on sale for $2 a yard and can make about 3 bags with. I reinforced the straps and sides with multiple levels of triple stitching to prevent the bag from splitting. With the leftover scraps, I made some I-Pod cases! Here's my bag! It would be a nice present for someone's bday if you made a little collection of bags!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Spring time Wreath

It is raining today, but I am defying the weather and bringing in some color to my door and garden. I planted a ton of flowers today and weeded out the dead plants I've been ignoring for the last two months.

Here is what my door looks like:
I bought orangey-red spray roses and cut the stems about 4 inches longs and stuck them in the wreath form I use for all my other wreaths. I had a ton of little roses left over because I bought two bunches and places them all around the house in baby food jars (washed and used without the cap). They look like baby tea roses and would make really cute arrangements for weddings or baby showers.