Monday, January 11, 2010

Flower chain scarf and the disaster that has become our apartment

I saw this in Martha Stewart living a few months back and couldn't help but try it! This is a flower bloom scarf chain that takes no knowledge of crocheting or knitting to put together...just a $2.99 loom! I don't know if I like it...and now I have about 30 of those flower things around my house waiting to be attached. Alas, my patience is as long as my beagle's so this may end up in the pile of unfinished projects that has taken over my office, living room, and kitchen table.

I used to think that the reason I was a messy person was not because I was lazy, but merely the fact that I had so little square footage and closet space. Clearly, this was bullshit. My stuff looks like it exploded all over every room I touch. So, time to fire the maid (me)! If only I could teach Ralph to clean...

I embarked on an ambitious journey last that out of impulse led me to IKEA and lifting 500 lbs of furniture into my car. (Thank you wonderful man who helped me lift those boxes!) Of course I thought this would be easy to do on my own. The boxes looked innocent enough:
And yes, I loaded them onto the cart all by myself... When I got home, I realized that I didn't have a dolly to push the ridiculously heavy boxes into my house. I knew I couldn't carry them that far and the bf wasn't coming home for a few more hours. So, I opened the boxes and carried the pieces into my home individually. This took a mere hour and a half. Overwhelmed and sweaty I tackled the Ikea Kullen wardrobe.

Four hours into that, and two gin and tonics later, I discovered that I had put one of the pieces together wrong at the beginning so now none of the subsequent pieces were fitting. A myriad of curses later, I detached the work I had done and propped the pieces up against the wall. It's been a week now and every day I look at them, wondering if today will be the day to tackle this wardrobe...which has now become a symbol for all my failures in life and a predictor of future success or dismal lack of accomplishment.

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  1. Oh, this is always the story of Ikea! Half the time, I give up before I even get out of the store, and I am all about the: "Oops. Guess THIS side is the front..." realizations. I'm sure another G&T will help!