Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where is everyone?

I just came back from the post office. I expected a ridiculously long line and no parking. I expected to be away from my home for a good 45 minutes before I even got INSIDE the threshold of the office. Instead, I parked, in a parking space. A parking space in the post office parking lot. And walked into the office to find that I was the only patron in the entire room.

Have people been extra savvy in getting their gifts out early in the mail this year? Or is this a sign of the recession, where people are cutting back everywhere, including not only gifts, but mailing gifts, and mailings in general? Is this a sign of the postal mail being a less preferred method to electronic means of communication? Or, are people reconnecting with the true spirit of the holidays: being with the people (and beagles!) you love. The parking lots are almost hopefully bare this season as we move away from obsessive consumerism. Except I'll probably still have to go to Jo Ann Fabrics later and buy a ton of yarn I don't need. (But I NEED IT!) Happy holidays!

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