Monday, December 7, 2009

How to Make Coasters!

I recently walked into a store in Mill Valley and fell in love with some coasters. They were about $34 EACH!!!!! I'm sorry but that is too expensive for even people who have pockets lined with gold fabric and platinum stitching. So...I embarked on a coaster making experiment. I went to Home Depot and found plain white tiles. I bought six for $0.96 total! I also bought some clear plastic feet for the tiles to stick on the bottom so they won't scratch a table. Then I decided that nail polish was better to use than acrylic paint to bedazzle the tiles.

Here's what's happened so far....
1. SUPPLIES: Nail polish, nail polish remover, tiles, q-tips, coaster plastic bottom thingies


3. Let polish dry. Then stick plastic coaster thingies on the bottom.

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