Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tis the Season to Craft!

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Halloween. The bf and I were sick with the flu for the last week so our Halloween was scary only because of the amount of tissues and Law and Orders we went through.

Now that winter is coming, it may be time to hunker down with some yarn or make a quilt. You know, an activity you can do while you're curled up in your Snuggie!

Have you checked out Martha Stewart Living lately? Her November issue has some amazing crafting ideas with glitter of all things! I absolutely HATE glitter but have spent the whole day imagining a 32 by 40 blown up photo of my beagle...glitterized. Oh Martha, thank you! Make sure you have a vacuum. Also, you might think of hitting up a party supply store for a cheap plastic tablecloth you can reuse and shake outside. It will get everywhere.

Have you picked up a crafting book lately? There are a ton out there now to give you different ideas for holiday gifts. Amy Sedaris has a great book out called I Like You, which is a combination of humor, crafts and recipes. It even comes with excuses and "etiquette" for situations you may encounter while entertaining. Seriously a good read and an even better present for the crafter in your life.

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