Sunday, November 15, 2009

Left Over Yarn Blanket

Have a ton of yarn you don't know what to do with? Have a lot of left over yarn from projects that have been completed that you can't make a hat or scarf out of because there isn't enough yarn left over?

Start your own left over yarn blanket! I've been slowly working on mine since 2005. As I have extra yarn that I can't seem to use for anything, I divide it into types (i.e., worsted, chunky, angora, etc.). Then I start either a ball of yarn with all the different yarns, or throw it in a bag until its big enough to start a full blanket.

The picture above is of my far. You might think it's ugly, but I absolutely love it! Making this blanket is so fun because you don't waste any yarn and you also don't get bored because the yarn is constantly changing. Try it!

Also, if you've had a problem with keeping your yarn from getting tangled, put different projects that you're working on in different bags. I like using EnviroSax: They are light weight and easy to throw in your purse. If you keep all over yarn in bags ready to go, it's easy to grab one and always have a crafty project with you when you get stuck somewhere and have free time.

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