Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Wreath Making!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I'm still getting over a cold, but at least it's not swine flu!

Since Thanksgiving is over, I had to clear my pumpkins away and make a new wreath for the door. I used the same wreath form that I bought from Jo Ann Fabrics to make my Autumn wreath, and am using the same door hanger. Here are the steps and materials to making your own inexpensive holiday wreath!

1. Gather local shrubbery around your neighborhood. This morning we took out the dog with a bag and some scissors, looking for different greens and reds and some pine cones. We found a great mixture of pine, juniper, rosemary, eucalyptus, willow, and some berries. You can use any kind of plant or tree you can find that goes well with the color scheme you want.

2. Layer in the base green layers. Tuck in different kinds of greenery through the twigs in the wreath base. It doesn't have to be perfect, just layer in different sizes and types of the greenery throughout. Figure out where you want the top of the wreath to be (where the hanger goes).

3. Add in red leaves and berries. Depending on what you collected you may have red leaves or berries, or another accenting color. Weave in the contrasting color leaves or berries into the greenery and twig layers. Be careful if you're using berries and have pets around to make sure they don't eat them. No one wants an emergency holiday trip to the vet!

4. Add pine cones. No glue gun necessary! Just find some twig layers that can accommodate the size pine cones you find. I used the baby ones that had dropped to the ground. You may need to use wine to secure larger pine cones. Picture hanging wire is easy to bend and use for this kind of project. Also, fishing tackle (the clear thread you can find at a sporting good store that is sold is spools) is great for attaching all kinds of holiday decorations and is a great strong material to add to your crafting tool collection.

5. Extra material accent jars. If you have extra greenery left over, use cleaned out mason jars (see the previous blog entry) and fill them up. Place them around your house to add accents of greenery or holiday cheer to bookshelves, coffee tables, etc.


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