Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cleaning ideas....

Yesterday my mom and I took Ralph out on a long walk. When we got back to my apartment she told me that my house smelled. Obviously, anyone with a dog can relate to the smell that lingers from a wet pet in the house in winter. My boyfriend hates when I spray any kind of "air sanitizer" in the house so I came up with a more natural way to make it smell better.

I sprinkled some dried lavender sparsely across the carpet (and only in places I knew I would be able to suck it up with my vacuum). I used about 1/4 cup of lavender per 100 square feet of the house. Then I sucked up the lavender with my vacuum. It leaves behind a refreshing scent without putting extra chemicals into your home.

I buy my lavender at They are located in Watsonville, CA, and I used a regular shipping method and my lavender arrived within 24 hours of my order! This is a great online store for crafting or setting up for a party or holiday celebration.

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