Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Autumnal Wreath

I wanted a cute wreath for my door this season that wasn't expensive and that I could make most of myself. I bought the base which is brown twigs wrapped into a circle formation from Jo Ann Fabrics for about $3.

On a walk with Ralph, I collected a ton of different colored leaves. Some I let dry and some I pick "fresh" from the ground every day to add new color and patterns to the wreath.

I found a bouquet of rose hips (the reddish orange berry type things that look like tiny tomatoes) at Safeway. The whole arrangement was inexpensive, and I can add to it daily! It would be a fun project for a family, or if you're just bored walking the pooch. Also, you can reuse the wreath for Christmas by sticking in holiday festive trees and pine cones! No glue gun necessary...just stick the stems in through the woven branches in the original wreath form.

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