Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lady at the need to calm the F down!

Normally I bag my own groceries. I know how monotonous it must be to be a checker and then have no support-bagging-staff so I like to chat and bag my own stuff. Tonight, my boyfriend and I went to the market....the cart was filled but not in an obscenely "we are obese" way. We have a bagger for one bag...then she I hop in and start bagging. Eight bags later...the bagger reappears and kicks me out of my place. Then she starts yelling at my boyfriend to go get another shopping cart. I'm confused. I've had a few glasses of wine at this point in the evening and am wondering what is going on. I tell her "we don't need an extra cart." She yells "BUT YOU"RE GOING TO SQUISH YOUR GROCERIES!!!!!!" I say "really, it's okay, just put everything on top of the stuff that's already in there." She says "No. You need another cart."

I know, right???! So I start putting the bags in my ONE cart myself saying "It's really fine. Just put them in the cart. It's really okay, I promise." She refuses to put the groceries in and keeps repeating "It's all going to get squished!"

This woman is SHAKING her head at me and rolling her eyes and I think she is a crazy mf-ing person. Why isn't she listening to me? By the time I get to the car I realize that I am the bitch and that this woman probably has a ton of OCD issues just like me. Thank God and psychiatrists for Zoloft!!!!!!!!

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