Monday, August 31, 2009


This blog is for the people who can answer YES to any of the following questions (or love/live with the people who can):

1. Have you ever thought you were addicted to your glue gun?
2. Have you ever spent your month's food budget on fabric you really didn't need but was too beautiful to pass up (and it was on sale!)?
3. Have you ever wandered the aisles of a craft store imagining the amazing wall hangings, jewelry, dresses, or scarves you could make, only to find that hours have passed?
4. Have you ever wondered if you chose your career because you didn't know what else to do and so you fumbled through graduate school to only discover that you gain very little life fulfillment from sitting behind your computer all day trying to deal with other people's problems?
5. Do you treat your pets like children?
6. Is your mind cluttered by self-loathing thoughts and feelings of inadequacy?
7. Do you tend to check that your door is locked/the coffee pot is off/your emergency brake is set in a frequency that alarms "normal people"?
8. Do you struggle with feelings of what people expect of you versus what makes you happy?
9. Do you love the crap out of your friends and family and wonder why your significant other hasn't left "the crazy" that you are yet?
10. Do you find solace in books by Anne Lamott, Kurt Vonnegut, Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Safron Foer, Janet Fitch, Jeffrey Eugenides, David Sedaris, or Wally Lamb?

I hope you enjoy my musings and breakdowns about sewing, death, relationships, career, my beautiful beagle Ralph!, wanting to be a mom (tick tick tick), OCD, vodka, nightmares, my garden, dealing with family, depression, friends, surfing, tv shows, crochetting, anxiety and getting out of bed in the morning to pass as a functioning human being.


  1. Is this site also for people who listen to Death Cab?

  2. No Mike....I only seem to listen to the Sarah and Vinnie Secret Show!